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Who Are We and Why Are We Making Math Games?

We are so glad that you stopped by this page to ask those questions!

First, who we are is the easy part. is a website and a collection of mobile-friendly math games and logic puzzles operated by the Parhedros Corporation. We are a small, family-owned corporation that uses the techniques of video-game design to make excellent, fun-to-use software for very specialized financial and educational needs.

But why are we making and publishing free, online math games in the first place? The quick and easy answer is that we LOVE math! The complete answer is a bit more convoluted. The founders of Parhedros Corporation, Dave and Chris Van Meter, are parents who have raised six children, and struggled with teaching their kids the foundations of math through the thick and the thin of educational reforms and fads in New York State. The schools did great by some of our children, who have gone on to get university degrees in science and technology, but for some of our children we had to step in and work extra hard to convince them of the beauty and joy that inheres in math. Some of the games and puzzles on this website date back to our own struggles to teach our children math!

In other words, we believe strongly in involving the whole family in math education. And we believe strongly in the central role of math education in preparing the next generation to take its place as the engineers and the scientists and the programmers who continue to make America a great and prosperous nation. This website is our way of contributing to the future of our children and their society.

Did we mention that we LOVE math? We find great joy in operating this website. As we continue to design new concepts for interfaces and gamified processes for our software at Parhedros Corporation, we will use math games as a sort of laboratory to test out our ideas. It is our hope that this will keep the games and puzzles on fresh and accessible as technology moves on. We hope you and your children get as much joy and utility out of this website as we have received from creating it!

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