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MathRomp Ball Blast Puzzle - You Lose

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Ball Blast Puzzle

A Game of Spatial Reasoning



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How to Play

Click on a ball, and it and all of the contiguous balls of that color are removed from the game board. The more balls you remove in a single click, the more points you get! Beware! Once there are no more adjacent balls of any color, the game is over.

Ball Blast

The goal of this game is to remove all of the balls from the board, and to maximize your score by removing as many balls as possible each turn. The more balls you can remove in a turn, the more points you score. Additionally, you win a bonus of 250 points for removing all the balls and winning the game.

To master this game, you must learn to visualize the effect that each move will have on the board, and start to plan two or more moves ahead to align the balls in clusters of the same color, without leaving any odd colored balls stranded in a position where they can never be removed. If you are having trouble, here is a hint: start on the left hand side of the board, and try to get the lower left hand corner into a situation that will support a winnng condition, and then solve the remainder of the board from top to bottom.

Although some luck is involved, this is mainly a game of skill which requires the ability to anticpate how each move will rearrange the board. Have fun!

The Joy of Spatial Reasoning

This addictive puzzle can help your child to develop strategic thinking skills and spatial reasoning skills.