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30y + 60 = 80

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Can you solve this probem?

blank blank

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How To Play: Answer 10 problems correctly to win the next prize, the Bronze Star of Math Facts!

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How to Play MathRomp Math Flashcards Game

This MathRomp Math Flashcard Game gives you a fun, interactive way to sharpen your basic math skills in: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and solving simple equations! Can you master all the levels and win the Championship Trophy?

To jump right into the game with a round of normal-difficulty (fun level) addition cards, just press the PLAY button from the splash screen. Or, you may choose your own difficulty level and game to play by clicking on the MENU button.

Once you start a game, you will get a math flashcard challenge to solve on the white card near the top of the screen. To answer the challenge, you can input a number into the yellow answer bar by pressing the number pad buttons, or you can click on the yellow answer bar and enter numbers using your computer keyboard. If you want to change your answer before submitting it, press the CLEAR button. When you are happy with your answer, push the SUBMIT button and a feedback screen will check your answer. If you answered incorrectly the game will tell you the correct answer.

As you play, you can check on your level-up progress at any time by pressing on the MY PRIZES button from the main game screen. If you press on the MENU button while in a game session, you can change the difficulty level of your current game, and then return to the game by pressing the BACK button. Or you may start a new game by pusing the START button. Note that pushing the START button will cancel any previous game, so if you want to continue a current game, be sure to press the BACK button!

Have fun!

What this MathRomp Math Flashcards Game Offers

This MathRomp Math Flashcards Game utilizes the old-fashioned, tried-and-true pedagogy of skill drills and rote memorization to help your child establish a solid foundation in math. Nothing teaches the basic math facts better than practice, practice and still more practice with math flashcards!

Of course, we all know that your child is a true "digital native"! Why use paper flashcards to drill math skills when you can do the same thing better with a fun, interactive videogame interface?

In this MathRomp Math Flashcards Game you will find basic skill drills for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and solving simple equations for Y. In each structured session you should encourage your child to progress through all the levels and win the Championship Trophy by correctly answering fifty questions using one operator. There are six different games with three levels of difficulty each, and no two games are ever the same.

You'll find that using the MathRomp Math Flashcards Game increases your child's engagement with mathematics, and turns every session of math practice into a play session. You know the old saying: a spoonful of honey makes the medicine go down.